The different types of workers

The world of work is rapidly changing due to advances in technology and the demand for increased flexibility from employees and customers. This means the traditional nine to five, Monday to Friday working week is rapidly eroding.

The full time, permanent contract of employment whilst still valid and relevant for many employment scenarios is changing in response to the rise in flexible working arrangements.

Businesses and employees have a wide range of employment options available to them that encompass both employment situations and contractor* options.

This guide takes you through the different types of workers so that you can select the right kind of working scenario for your business needs.

*We use the term contractor to describe an individual who is self-employed rather than a contractor in an employment agency or other temporary employment setting.

A guide to the different types of workers

04/01/2019 - The Grow, Scale, Succeed guide to different types of workers details workers of almost every category from full time employees right through to term time work as range of contractor options from freelancers to gig workers. .. Read more