The benefits of hiring part-time workers for your business

Jane Downes, CEO of shares here the benefits of hiring a part time worker and why businesses should consider hiring part-timers.

One in five people in Ireland choose to work part-time. While it is often to do with family responsibilities, it can also be a choice made to accommodate study, sport, lifestyle or health. This adds to the main challenge that faces most businesses in Ireland today, how to effectively recruit and retain their people to enable the business to grow.

Even if you are fully resourced at the moment, you have to assume that some of your staff members will be attracted to new opportunities in a buoyant labour market. With the economy approaching full-employment, employers have to be more innovative than ever to find a way to attract talent. Offering part time roles may be that solution.

The days of everyone working traditional hours of 9-5 Monday to Friday is changing. We are in a new era where employees are measured based on output rather than the number of hours worked. The future of work is all about matching skillsets.

Flexible work is a top priority for job hunters and also for those currently not working but would like to return. It can be an effective method to attract those employees who wish to gain access to the workforce and balance other commitments.

In a recent survey by, 65% of those on a career break said they would return to work if part-time roles were available. So clearly part-time work is highly valued by employees, but what about employers? Does it work for them? The quick answer is yes. And here’s why:
  • Attracting talent. The biggest win for employers is you get access to a fresh, new talent pool of 450,000 people, many of whom are experienced and highly skilled candidates seeking part-time roles.
  • Save costs. You get the benefit of and access to their knowledge and expertise but paying on a pro-rata basis.
  • Extra capacity. All businesses have busy and quiet periods and by engaging part-time staff, you can have extra resources to provide extra capacity during busy times
  • Productivity. With part-time, you get the best hours out of people as they come in energised and enthusiastic about their role and are able to maintain their family or vocational commitments.
  • Gender Balance. A lot of women end up leaving roles due to the hours. Offering them part time ensures they remain with your business which creates a more balanced workplace. There is then a wider pool available for senior roles later on as they return to work on a full time basis once the commitment of family has lifted again and college fees loom!

We recently placed an experienced accountant in a firm. She has three children and though she wants a balanced lifestyle, she knows she has a skillset which is in high demand. By offering a part-time role, this firm got the candidate they needed within two weeks, despite the shortage of accountants in Ireland at the moment.
In a very tight labour market, part-time work can be a win win for everybody.

Jane Downes is founder and CEO of, a platform specialising in part-time roles, where employers can find high quality talent at a very competitive price. For more see