Wellness in the workplace

One of the outcomes of our Grow, Scale, Succeed survey is that one third of those surveyed offer some form of wellness in the workplace, however, two thirds do not currently offer any form of wellness in the workplace.

With over 2 million now working in Ireland, employers can help improve employee engagement and reduce absenteeism including work related stress by introducing workplace well being. In recent ERSI report, the level of job stress in Ireland has doubled in the last five years.

So what could this look like?

Workplace wellbeing can be a variety of initiatives that looks at physical, mental, emotional and financial wellbeing through a series of talks, online courses, wellness related events and much more.

We are delighted to have partnered with DeCare Dental, who are experts in providing workplace wellbeing initiatives from giving talks to helping your business draft a workplace wellbeing policy. They have provided a wealth of resources here ranging from articles on wellbeing, mental health, stigma and the workplace to a video presentation that gives tips to small businesses on how to introduce more wellbeing into the workplace.

Another great resource is the Work Positive tool which the Health and Safety Authority developed. It is an indicator tool that helps businesses assess the risk level of work related stress and it can identify ways to improve employee wellbeing. It is most effective for businesses that have ten or more employees. You can assess the tool at www.workpositive.ie

Webinar on the future of health and wellbeing in the workplace

12/04/2019 - As part of National Wellbeing day on 12 April 2019, the Small Firms Association have partnered with DeCare Dental who are our wellness partner as part of our Grow, Scale, Succeed campaign. In this video webinar David Casey talks about the Future of Health and Wellbeing in the workplace and provides some great wellbeing in the workplace tips that all businesses can use regardless of your size or budget .. Read more

Mental health, stigma and the workplace

28/03/2019 - Creating a supportive environment where it is easier for all employees to speak openly about mental health and well-being is key... .. Read more

There is no health without mental health

28/03/2019 - Mental health is an integral and essential component of health. The WHO constitution states: "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"[WHO 1946]... .. Read more

The wealth of business depends on the health of workers

27/03/2019 - The World Health Organisations (WHO) has defined the workplace as an optimum place to promote health. Work is an important determinant of health that has both positive and negative effects... .. Read more

Health and wellbeing video presentation

26/03/2019 - Watch a recording from the January 2019 Business Bytes event on how to implement effective wellness programmes in your small business... .. Read more