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2018 Winner:
Irish Tax Rebates

Congratulations to Irish Tax Rebates who were announced the winners of the Services Category 2018.

The winner of this category was Irish Tax Rebates (Kildare).

Irish Tax Rebates provide a professional accountancy service to all PAYE employees. A team of Accountants and Tax Advisers offer expert taxation advice, and act in the best interest of all clients, maximising any potential overpayments of tax, and saving clients the need to deal with the complexities of the Revenue system themselves. Enabling access to their services via a simple online form, they aim to advise all clients within seven working days of their potential for a rebate, and then forward payment to them just a few short days later, in a very cost-effective manner.

Pictured are from (L-R) Sue O'Neill, Chair, SFA, Heather Humphreys,TD, Minister for Enterprise, Business and Innovation, Martin Brennan, Irish Tax Rebates, who were announced winners in Services category with Padraig Sheerin, Head of SME Sales, Three, sponsor of the Services Award.