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To join the SFA today, please enter your details on the form beneath. You can pay online by signing up to Direct Debit monthly, quarterly or once off payment or by credit card through the Bank of Ireland and Realex secure internet payment service by clicking on the 'Credit Card' button. If you would like to discuss membership further please contact Sven Spollen-Behrens on 01 605 1602 or email

We will communicate with members on membership relevant issues via corporate contacts authorised by you. These communications will be B2B (business to business) however we may have direct contact from other employees within your organisation mainly for events and training purposes. We ask members to refresh their contact details when they renew their membership each year. See here for SFA Membership Contract.
Where any personal data is processed by Ibec as part of the Ibec service, it will be processed in accordance with the SFA Privacy Statement.
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    Select: Description: Employees: Membership fee:
    SFA1 - 20€590 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA21 - 30€645 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA31 - 40€750 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA41 - 50€850 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA + Technology
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    1 - 5€850 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA + Property
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    1 - 5€850 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA + Food and Drink
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    1 - 50€850 + VAT @ 23%
    SFA + Medtech
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    1 - 5€950 + VAT @ 23%