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SFA membership means that your company is better represented, better informed and better prepared to meet the challenges of the marketplace. Please keep us advised of any issues that concern you and contact us directly for advice in managing your business.

Linda Barry

Acting Director, SFA

With responsibility for strategy and overall management, lobbying, business queries, "Better Business" magazine, surveys and committee representation. Linda is the chief spokesperson and government and media liaison.

Tel: 01 605 1626 / Fax: 01 638 1626 / Email:

Ciara McGuone

Executive, SFA

With responsibility for all HR and employment law member queries, member engagement and various SFA events.

Tel: 01 605 1668 / Fax: 01 638 1668 / Email:

Louise Kenrick

Executive, SFA

With responsibility for SFA National Small Business Awards, SFA member networking events, SFA communications, SFA marketing, sales and membership queries, SFA websites and SFA social media.

Tel: 01 605 1664 / Fax: 01 638 1664 / Email: